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Our mission is to inspire women to inspire women. There is a power within all of us that can light a path. Women are changing and will continue to change this world for the better. We are trailblazers. We are fighters. We are visionaries. We are providers. We are caretakers. We are innovators. We are game changers. Simply put, our mission is to empower women to believe they can and will change this world.

At Relevation, makeup isn’t a mask, it’s a cape! We are using our superpower to uplift and empower women all over the world. Visit our partnership page to learn more about how Relevation is supporting women across the globe to stand in their power and chase their dreams.

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Relevation is proud of the fact that NO photos on this website are photoshopped. Women are incredibly powerful, beautiful beings. We do not believe they need to be altered in any way through photoshop to fit societal standards.

Let’s change the standard, together!


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