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Relevation is a modern cosmetics company entirely built on a women empowerment platform – meaning that the strength and power that women hold is rooted in everything we do.

From products to philanthropy, we put women first.


Now more than ever, businesses drive society economically, but they also drive culture. Relevation exists to make the world a better place – to improve the lives of women. The makeup sales are just the means to be able to do meaningful work in the world. Relevation is incredibly grateful to partner with Speak Up for the Poor, a nonprofit organization that defends, educates and empowers vulnerable young women and girls in Bangladesh to keep them in school, chasing their dreams, and out of inhumane child marriages. You can read more about Speak Up’s work and our impactful partnership here.

At Relevation, we strive to have a net positive impact in the world. We are well aware that pollution resulting from business activities is one of the driving forces of global warming. As a small business, we have chosen our materials and partners very intentionally. All of the packaging of both the palette itself as well as the shipping materials are recyclable. We have partnered with a shipping company who offsets their carbon footprint. We are very proud of the fact that every Relevation shipment sent to a customer has a net carbon footprint of zero.


With the incredible community of support pushing Relevation forward, we have big plans for the future!

Current profits are being reinvested into the business to be able to grow and scale the impact of Relevation. With your continued support, we will be able to expand our product line and also expand our reach. Relevation is currently developing programs for women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and prisons to provide tools to help these women can get back on their feet and build long-term security and stability so that they can go after the life they truly dream of living.

We are building programs to teach women financial literacy. The understanding of finances is a woman’s key to freedom and provides a stronger sense of agency over her life.

Lastly, we are working towards being able to have a portion of every purchase go directly to college scholarships for women. This way, when you buy Relevation products, not only do you invest in yourself, you are also investing in the education of women – one of the most powerful and important things you can do. At Relevation, we strive to inspire women to look and feel their best so they can do their best, regardless of their personal path.

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