Our Pledge to the Environment:


One of the driving forces of climate change is the pollution resulting from business activities (production, energy consumption, shipping, transportation, etc.). At Relevation, we are well aware of this fact and strive to make every business decision with the intention of putting the environment first. We strive to be a force for good in this world – empowering women and creating high-performing clean products, all while doing what we can to minimize our impact on the earth.

How we are doing our part:


  • For every palette sold, we plant one tree!

  • Our palettes are shipped via Sendle – a shipping company that offsets their carbon footprint. All Relevation shipments have a net carbon footprint of zero.

  • The palette packaging is recyclable.


  • Our shipping materials are recyclable and biodegradable.


  • All ingredients are clean and ethically sourced.

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