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Arielle Ross, has always and will always believe in the power of women. She firmly believes that when you empower women, you improve every aspect of society. If you need to know one thing about Arielle, it’s that.

If you wish to know more about the Relevation founder and CEO, here is the backstory:

Arielle fell in love with makeup in elementary school. She would sit at her grandmother’s vanity for hours twisting up all of the lipstick tubes to see the beautiful colors. She dreamt of one day having a collection that mirrored her grandmother’s. Arielle would watch in awe as her mom applied makeup for date nights with her dad and for dinners with her girlfriends.

As time went on, Arielle discovered the world of beauty through YouTube videos. These videos were in the years shortly after Youtube launched, long before it became the multi-billion dollar machine it is today. These videos were just (mostly) women at the time, sitting at their desks, filming themselves putting on makeup via their computer camera. She would watch the videos for hours as she slowly learned about different techniques and products.

Her passion grew as people began to notice her makeup talent. Friends and family would ask her to do their makeup for prom, date nights and even weddings. When Arielle finished applying their makeup, she would watch their reaction as they looked in the mirror. She watched the transformation in how they carried themselves. They felt powerful. The makeup wasn’t a mask, it was a cape. It gave them power and confidence. She continued to pursue a career in the beauty industry working with world renowned makeup artists, models, celebrities, influencers, photographers, hair stylists and publications.

Today, Arielle has had the honor of speaking at distinguished universities, collaborating with art institutions and attending global conferences that advance gender equality internationally.
For Arielle, makeup has never been surface-level. It’s deeper than that. Arielle’s cape has given her the power to create Relevation, a makeup company dedicated to uplifting and empowering women.

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