Relevation is proud to partner with Speak Up for the Poor, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend, educate and empower vulnerable girls and women.

Speak Up works with girls from impoverished families in Bangladesh who are at risk of child marriage or child trafficking. Bangladesh has the highest rate of child marriage for girls under age 15 in the world. Speak Up helps these girls to stay in school all the way through college graduation, empowering them to have greater agency over their own lives and a path out of poverty.

Today, Speak Up’s Girls Education Program (GEP) is helping more than 1,500 girls and young women stay in school through college or other higher education, greatly impacting their future. GEP girls and young women are inspiring examples to their families and communities of what women can accomplish when they have the opportunity to stay in school and chase their dreams.

Please note, Speak Up for the Poor is not a religious organization. Speak Up defends, educates, and empowers vulnerable girls regardless of their religious or cultural background.

Our Partnership:

Relevation proudly supports and advocates for this important work. 10% of every palette sale is donated to Speak Up. When you buy a palette, you are not only investing in yourself, you are investing in the education of women.

If you are so moved to make a separate donation, we kindly ask you to click either the Sponsor a Girl or Donate button below. There, you will have the option to make a one-time contribution or sponsor a girl to go through the GEP program. For more information, please visit or contact Speak Up staff member Dave Palmer at or (909) 589-9065.

Thank you so much for supporting the life-changing work of Speak Up for the Poor.

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