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Whether you are a professional model or a queen who just wants to feel a little extra regal to get her photos taken, the goal is to make you feel your most beautiful. Whether photos are taken at dawn, golden hour, in a bright studio or in the middle of the night, Arielle will make sure you are glowing from the inside out.

Note* Arielle does not do SFX makeup.


Makeup for video shoots must be dynamic. As the camera moves, the lighting changes with every new angle. How the makeup comes across on camera will also change with movement. Working with a makeup artist who understands lighting and angles is key when choosing an artist for video shoots. Arielle understands that makeup must move with you.

Note* Arielle does not do SFX makeup.


On your wedding day, how you look should reflect the love and excitement you are feeling inside – whether it be for your partner, your family, your friends, the day itself or your future ahead. On your wedding day, a makeup artist’s job is to bring out the most beautiful, authentic version of you! The glam process should be calm, enjoyable and memorable. Arielle has experience working with brides who want barely-there makeup to brides who prefer a full-glam look for their special day. When working with Arielle for bridal makeup, a trial is always included. Packages are available if you wish to include members of the bridal party, relatives close to the bride(s), and/or pre-wedding festivities (Bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.).

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Whatever the occasion – date night, red carpet event, prom, formal, etc., Arielle has got you covered! Don’t let the words, “special event” deter you. If you wish to get glammed up “just because”, you deserve it! Arielle has a decade of industry experience and is ready to help you feel like the queen that you are.

Note* Arielle does not do SFX makeup.

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